Flexink conductive is a multi-composite functional material. The ink consists metallic particles and high molecular weight polymer. Our Flexink’s covers a broad range of conductivities- from highly conductiv to resitive. All of our Flexinks are flexible, stretchable and mechanical robust.

Flexink conductive

Our ink -Flexink conductive- is the key part of our technology,

were offering different types of Flexinks:

The Flexink conductive types are different in conductivity:



General information about Flexink’s:

  • Inks are solvent based,
  • Ink are unpolar with a surface tension of  < 27 mN/m,
  • Ink are optimized for screen printing,
  • Several quantities are available.
    – min. 100 ml
    – max. Batch 5 Liters


Flexink conductive-116-xxxx



Conductivity < 5.0 xE-6 [Ω m]


Flexink conductive-117-xxxx



Conductivity < 1.0 xE-4 [Ω m]


Flexink conductive-115-xxxx



Conductivity < 2.1 xE-3 [Ω m]


Flexink conductive-118-xxxx



Conductivity > 5.0 xE-1 [Ω m]



Do you have questions about Flexink?

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