Our technology development is concerned with a further development of knowledge, to transform our technological core competences into practical applications.


The basis for our technological implementation of flexible and printed electronics is an optimized application process. This includes the main interactions of inks, process, substrate, machine and environment.

We develop new processes and offers process solutions, which are tested in our own laboratory and subsequently implemented by our customers.
Process solutions are semi-finished products and components, such as flexible conducting connectors or functional sensor elements which can be further processed and integrated in a electronic system.

The stringent approach, the combination of our material- and technology expertise, enables the technical implementation of flexible and printed electronics into the market.



CapSens is an interactive module, which allows the connection between print media and the internet via Bluetooth connection.



  • flexible on paper
  • Sensor elements printed by Flexink conductive,
  • up to 23 sensor elements possible,
  • Life time > 9 months,
  • small thickness < 2 mm,
  • easy to integrate into print media.



Pressuresens is a newly developed resitive membran, which is suitable as a strain gauges or/and as a pressure sensor for medical application.



  • stretchable membran,
  • Based on Flexink sens,
  • Compatible with silicone and latex,
  • Elongations> 300%,
  • Cycle stability> 50,000,
  • Suitable for pharmaceutical and medical use, biocompatible.


Sensitive Skin:

Capacitive- or sensitive conductive sensors on stretchable- or flexible textiles. Our sensitive skin is higly flexible, or stretchable and biocompatible.



  • Capacitive- or resitive printed sensors,
  • on stretchable- or flexible substrates,
  • Systems are printed or spray coated, 
  • Large area production and upscaling is possible.

Do you have further questions about our technology- and process development? You can reach us by phone at +49 (0) 7151 2755 900.