Stretchable, flexible & functional: our Flexink inks combine all these properties, which we can control with the help of modern nanotechnology.



Our viscoelastic Flexinks inks are the base for our technological implementation of flexible and printed electronics.
We can easily adapt our Flexink inks into the application processes and optimize them further.

We offer our Flexink as functional inks or as a color system for different printing and coating techniques.



Flexink conductive:



  • Highly conductive  < 10 Ohm/sq,
  • Materials: Ag- & Cu-based,
  • Optimized due to Adhesion,
  • Substrates: Paper, Textiles, Plastics, Silicons


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Flexink sens:



  • sensitive due to change in resistance,
  • Strain > 300% possible,
  • Stable due to cyclic strain > 50.000x,
  • Low Surface Tension,
  • Optimized Adhesion due to Silicone.


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Flexink insu:



  • Flexible Insulators,
  • stretch  > 80% possible,
  • electric breakdown >23 kV/mm,
  • Inks solvent based, -optimized due to wetting and adhesion


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Flexink Color:



  • Higly stretchable coloured Inks,
  • Colors: CYMK, White, Black,
  • Low Surface Tension,
  • Optimized Adhesion.


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Flexink Inkjet:



  • Highly stretchable inks ,
  • Colors: CYMK, White, Black,
  • UV-crosslinking possible,
  • Low Surface Tension,
  • Optimized Adhesion.


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Flexink 3D:



  • 3D Inkjet: construction- & support material,
  • Construction material: Flexink- highly flexible,
  • Support material: water soluble,


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